A small benchmark: Bazaar, Git, Mercurial

I just performed some benchmark on Bazaar, Git and Mercurial. This is a very small benchmark, I may publish a more detailed one in a few weeks.


Some notes:

  1. The unit in the first chart is seconds
  2. I haven’t run git-gc before taking the directory sizes. Running git-gc saves about 1083 kilobytes
  3. This PDF file is licensed under the MIT License, see http://opensource.org/licenses/mit-license.php

9 thoughts on “A small benchmark: Bazaar, Git, Mercurial

  1. Regarding: “I haven’t run git-gc before taking the directory sizes”; is this also true about the timing numbers?

    Having ran git-gc on the repository would have made the git times even better.

  2. Good stuff. Can’t wait to see more details on times of uploading and downloading. I know Bazaar will lose there and Git will typically win it.

  3. Looks like a nice set of results.

    A few questions:

    * Warm cache or cold? How much memory on the system? Several of these systems take heavy advantage of disk cache and dentry cache, and will run much faster with a warm cache.

    * Why did you not run git-gc?

    * When you go to create more results, please consider benchmarking patch application, branch creation, merging, and rebasing.

  4. I would argue proper use of git includes using git-gc. It affects timing as well as storage size, as already noted. (Historical: the pack format was introduced as an afterthought to be economical on network transfers, and the pretty large speedup of heavy operations came as a surprise even to Linus)

  5. I look forward to the following set of benchmarks in Plain Old PNG format 😉

    (HTML, etc)

    Thanks for these. As Lennart Poettering said, you can use Subversion or Git, or you can make your users learn Yet Another revision control system (which is a barrier to entry).

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