Responding to e-mails with Evolution

Every time I receive an email at my address, and respond to it, Evolution uses my e-mail address.

It should be noted that the e-mails are fetched with a single account, as they are on an imap server, and because is a forward address.

Is there any way to make Evolution respond with the e-mail address at which I received an email?

BTW, work on debimg 0.0.4ubuntu1 (previously 0.0.3ubuntu1) has reached the first milestone: Support for selecting packages based on the output of Germanite. This weekend, I will release debimg 0.0.4 and debimg 0.0.4ubuntu1 (or I merge it directly, let’s see).

Update: This was just some mistake on my side. I get emails from an Ubuntu mailing list and want to send emails to it using the address. It works for normal emails.


6 thoughts on “Responding to e-mails with Evolution

  1. I have also some alias addresses in Evolution.
    My setup involves all the addresses i use, but i have left the receiving part on NONE.

    So i have and administrator@ accounts but the second one is only a SMTP account. When i get a mail addressed to administrator@ then the reply is done with the settings of administrator@ account. Try it for yourself.

  2. Yes, just set up the address as a new account, and leave the receiving server type as ‘None’.

    Evolution should then be able to automatically choose the address to send from, or you can choose manually.

  3. I vote for an unified package for building both Debian and Ubuntu images, since it makes it far easier to support both distributions without the need for lots of chroots and general script hackery.

    For example, the fact that debootstrap supports both makes it really easy for one of my cronjobs to prepare autobuilt cross-binutils packages for all known variants of Debian and Ubuntu. It would be way harder if I had to run an Ubuntu chroot in order to set up the five or so temporary Ubuntu chroots in which the actual package builds take place.

  4. @Simon: This will be done. I’m currently just “hacking” in the functionality. Later, I will cleanup the code and merge it into master. BTW, there are no packages available yet.

  5. It’s actually fairly easy to set up.

    Start the ‘New account’ Wizard. On the Identity part, fill in your name and email address. -Forward-

    Make sure ‘None’ is selected on ‘Receiving Email’ – Forward –

    On the ‘Sending eMail’ part, use an SMTP (for example) server you have credentials on. Here you can fill in the options just like you would for your address.

    That’s all you need.

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