Ubuntu hardy: swfdec0.7 and swfdec-mozilla0.7 in the PPA

As promised, i have built a few development snapshots of the swfdec git branch for hardy. They are available in my PPA.

To use it, add the following line to /etc/apt/sources.list and install swfdec-mozilla0.7.

deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/juliank/ubuntu hardy main

Please note that these packages are experimental and are only for experienced users.


8 thoughts on “Ubuntu hardy: swfdec0.7 and swfdec-mozilla0.7 in the PPA

  1. can I ask, for my understanding… why did you name it swfdec-mozilla0.7 and not just swfdec-mozilla and the version gives the 0.7 bit?

  2. Thanks for the dev snapshot Julian. I was having trouble compiling the swfdec-mozilla git branch and you just saved me some time!

  3. a PowerPC version of this be very good the community as Adobe Flash is not even available for this arch. Please consider providing a build for this!

    thank you,


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