GStreamer Python bindings are effectively GPL

While most of the bindings are LGPL licensed, modules like pygst are licensed under the terms of the GPL-2+. This means, together with the fact that you need to use pygst for any application wishing to use these binding, that you can not create proprietary or non-GPL-compatible programs using the GStreamer Python bindings.

You can read more about this in the Debian Bug Tracker in Bug#516190. I expect that this should be forwarded to upstream but I haven’t checked their bug tracker yet.


4 thoughts on “GStreamer Python bindings are effectively GPL

  1. Wow, talk about making a mountain out of a mole hill. While I certainly don’t want to play down these *outrageous* license violations, it seems to me like the files in common/ are not used anywhere at all, neither at build time nor at runtime, and the two *py* files in question are so tiny, simple and generic that one might almost wonder about whether they constitute something copyrightable in the first place. Certainly something worth blogging about! (Disclaimer: IANAL lawyer or a gst-python maintainer or developer)

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