I have just switched to Chromium as my primary browser. I am running the daily-built version from the Ubuntu Jaunty PPA at on my Debian unstable box. It seems quite stable, plugins are also working (with the –enable-plugins option) and it can use the system’s GTK+ theme for most parts (the buttons, etc. inside webpages are not rendered using GTK+ yet, but the UI is). It currently cannot print and it also has some formatting issues on some websites, and it’s not passing the ACID3 test yet (there is a ‘X’ in the top-right corner). I could have switched to Midori instead, but Midori is missing a cache it seems (the option can not be enabled).

I ran the V8 and SunSpider benchmarks to compare Iceweasel 3.5, Midori 0.1.9 (using WebKit GTK+ 1.1.12) and Chromium (r25168). The result was that Iceweasel was 10x times slower than the others in the V8 benchmark and about 5 times slower in the SunSpider benchmark. The others were almost equally fast, but Chromium won the V8 benchmark with 2338 points compared to Midori’s 1666. More details are in the PDF Browser Performance, which should have been an ODP, but uploading ODPs is not allowed on I also ran the V8 benchmark on Arora some time ago, but it was almost as slow as iceweasel. All tests were done on my laptop running Debian GNU/Linux unstable (amd64 architecture).


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  1. Hehe, also using Jaunty’s Chromium on Squeeze here; it is neat, though I’m not ready yet to give up Iceweasel completely… I’m missing the search- and sidebar, plus there is this ugly devbuild splash which I have no idea how to disable. -_-

    That it doesn’t use the GTK theme for pages is actually a good thing in my opinion – as even after messing with Iceweasel’s userContent.css, some parts of the webpages still look ugly when using a dark theme.

      1. Hehe, thanks; though unless I’m terribly wrong, I think this will replace the devbuild page with http://HOMEPAGE – what I would like to achieve is see only my tabs from the previous session. Which probably probably can be done, as soon as I stop being lazy…

  2. It’s not very well advertised, but Iceweasel doesn’t have a working JIT compiler for amd64 yet – not in 3.5 and almost certainly won’t be in 3.6 either. That’s why it’s doing so badly in your tests.

  3. I have also switched to Chromium (Google build).

    Firefox is by far the best browser for Linux, except its horrible speed. I don’t understand what makes it so slow, under the same machine on Windows XP it works fine. On Ubuntu it’s just slow. Is Cairo that much slower than Windows graphics libraries or what? Any page that is more complex is slow to render if you scroll fast. Disabling Pango and similar tricks help somewhat, but it is still visually slow.

    Chrome gets slow with embedded Flash too, but otherwise the speed is fine.

    1. Do you run 64-bit Linux on the machine? If so, that explains the speed difference: Firefox for 64-bit Linux on x86-64 doesn’t use the TraceMonkey JIT JavaScript engine, whereas Firefox for 32-bit Windows (and 32-bit Linux on x86) does. The next version of Firefox will add support for x86-64.

  4. I just installed chromium on my eee 900. Firefox slowness is tolerable on desktop, but it gets really annoying on netbook.

    Chromium just flies.

  5. Also using the daily builds on Ubuntu 8.04 and Chromium (32bit) has become almost my main browser. Why? It starts up and shuts down in an instant, there is much less hard drive access which makes my PC quiet, the interface makes browsing efficient, GTK theme blends in very well, accessing the folders in the bookmarks bar in Firefox requires hard drive activity therefore a delay whereas in Chromium bookmarks appear very quickly, takes less CPU , doesn’t get sluggish with loading some web pages, and allowing more screen space for web pages. On the netbook, Firefox is very sluggish but Chromium is fantastic, especially works well with the small screen. I find the interface very pleasing and efficient.

    A few things not working yet: PDF’s don’t view in browser, some embedded flash pages are a bit sluggish (youtube fine though), a few web sites don’t render properly yet, but nearly all do.

    Overall, it is progressing rapidly. Very impressed so far.

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  7. i have found quiet a lot of sites that are not clear in chromium and ive also had the pdf problem other than that its great but i use flock now

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