Chromium on Linux can print now

Just updated to revision 26808 of Chromium today, and it supports printing now. But it still does not support password encryption it seems. It also has some problems with displaying pages sometimes (buttons missing, style not loaded, etc.). But it improved a lot since I first tried it.


8 thoughts on “Chromium on Linux can print now

  1. When printing with a daily build of Chromium from a PPA in Ubuntu 9.04 on AMD64, I get a single completely black page of output, and apport reports that “gs crashed with SIGSEGV in gs_gc_reclaim()”. Not sure if there’s much point in reporting this, seeing as it has just be implemented, so the devs probably know that it has some rough edges. Still, will be great when printing works, it’s one of the main things missing at the moment. — All the best, Nick.

  2. I have installed


    an printing does NOT work. It produces the “Aw snap!” page.

    What plugin does print use? Is it from mozilla?

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