Nokia N900

Yesterday, an N900 I bought from Amazon Warehouse Deals arrived. The device is great, but I discovered today that the AV output only outputs sound on the right speaker and nothing on the left one. So it seems that I have to send it back and will thus not have a N900 during Christmas.

Appart from that problem, the device works almost perfectly. The internet browsing experience is faboulus, the camera is good, and the device is fast; the screen is great and the speakers are great as well. The keyboard is easy to type with and you can type fast after a short time. The video player does not seem to like my H.264 files (the OpenMAX decoder fails whereas on my PC ffmpeg is able to play it).

That’s all for now, I’ll write again when I have a N900 with working AV output.


7 thoughts on “Nokia N900

  1. IT’s more open than android for sure.

    The N900 has been worth the wait – I had one on loan for a week and put an order on xmas eve – will be with me by next week…

    Nokia n900 deals are shipping immediately from retailers so although you might miss it over xmas – you could have one in time for NYE.

    Both T mobile and Vodafone are doing deals on contract, so it’s not like the dry monopoly situation when iphone first came out.

    N900 – def THE mobile phone to have going into 2010.

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