GNOME Icon Theme 2.30 looks really ugly

The 2.30 version of gnome-icon-theme is really one of the worst icon themes I’ve ever seen in the last years. First of all, it does not fit into the system due to the colors chosen. I was always satisfied with the GNOME icon theme, but with the 2.30 release I can’t use it anymore since it makes my system look like a piece of sh**. Secondly, it just does not fit with the tango icon theme. I’m currently using the tango icon theme on my laptop, and after installing g-i-t 2.30, some logos suddenly started to turn black and they just did not fit anymore.

For now, I downgraded gnome-icon-theme to 2.28 to have a usable UI again. But once there are new icons in gnome-icon-theme I will be lost. Hopefully someone with a sense for UI design will fix this “design hell” created by the idiots those who created this icon theme. We don’t need a 90s icon theme.

Update: Here’s one problem, the network icon just does not fit:
(not under the same license as the blog, due to legal reasons).

Update 2: I don’t like changes, but after a months or so I will probably accept it. Anyway, Google did even worse things with reordering the icons in Chromium 5. Previously, all actions were on the left (IIRC); now some are on the left, and some in the input box. Anyway, I replaced “the idiots” with “those” now, as some people felt this was overly offensive.

Update 3: I just filed two bugs at 616324 and 616325. Others will probably follow.


23 thoughts on “GNOME Icon Theme 2.30 looks really ugly

  1. I have to say I disagree, I quite like them actually. How do you mean the colours don’t fit the system? Can you post a screenshot?

  2. Oh, and if you are reading this and are one of the “idiots”, don’t take it personally. The post is a bit exaggerating such things. I know that icons are are matter of taste and that there is no universal solution.

  3. You are entitled to your own opinion, but calling people idiots goes a bit far don’t you think?
    Code of conduct anyone?

      1. Well, there’s always a difference between the person and the position (designers) they have. As always, the target is not the person, but the position in which they did something.

        I don’t want to hurt the persons, the “idiot” just means that in my opinion, changing a well working icon theme just for being different is a bit idiotic. You can’t really consider this personal.

  4. To be in the same tone as the blog owner (not that i approve this kind of discussion, but some people deserve it).

    Yo’, retard boy. Did you do any of the following:
    1. Check if it isn’t a distro specific issue
    2. Check if the icons are actually well installed
    3. Check if the names of some icons didn’t change, so by using the still old tango theme, you could mess some up.

    If not, go fuck yourself and get the fuck out of planet ubuntu, I don’t want to read little kids that call other people names because they’re too frustrated with their puny life

  5. Well, I happen to like the new icon theme. I think its a refreshing change. The old ones were getting a bit stale.

    Point, counter-point.

    Also, by expressing this opinion I have cancelled out your opinion, bringing us to a stalemate until someone else states your opinion. Victory is mine!

      1. So what your saying is…
        You prefer discussions about “shades of grey” over “black and white” discussions?

        brilliant! I salute your nuanced use of double meaning.

        You play a deep deep game.

  6. You can change the network icon by yourself with your own girlish (I “personally” think you’re into that, but don’t take it seriously) cute eyes candy icons taste.
    Problem settled!
    No need to make a fuse about this πŸ˜‰

  7. Hmm.. your screenshot are comparing apples to oranges. You are showing a row of application icons with a settings/system icon saying that it doesn’t fit it. It’s in my view a very good idea to have a slightly diffrent style for settings and applications.

    You haven’t thought your rant through. The person who designed the icons clearly have a more sophisticated understanding of the issues than you have.

  8. Well, to continue in the tone of your blog post…

    You know, some idiots should not talk about design, not ever, especially if they cannot tell the difference between mismatched bunch of icons and usable and consistently designed theme.

    Don’t take this personally, you know, there’s a distinction between a real person and a blogging persona, but you seem to be one of those idiots.

    Best regards!

  9. As a distant observer (I am just frequent reader of planet GNOME and planet UBUNTU) i really fail to see how all these people, who are insulting the author “in return” actually are different. I mean, code of conduct, the hype about sexism with RMS and Mark Shuttleworth indicate that the community pretend to be very, very sensitive about slightest slip of word, that can be interpreted as offense. And at the same time when you disagree with someone’s behavior, you are attacking him personally because you feel personally attacked. So, where is the difference? If you think that someone expressed his/her thoughts in a not-appropriate way, give example by giving constructive critique, don’t call names in return. Because by doing this you actually escalate the situation and are hypocrite at the same time. Addressing the problem your way will result and exchanging punches at iteration 3 in many places. πŸ™‚
    Just think of it:
    (1)-You are an idiot!
    (2)-No, you are retard, go fuck yourself.
    What do you expect in step 3? My guess is:
    (3)-??? Come, asshole, I will beat your crap out of you?
    Even without my prognosis about line 3, first two look more like aggressive children in lunch brake or starting lines in a bar in wild west, not a dialog in a blog post.
    Just my 2 cents.

  10. I agree with Phil’s post above… You don’t like the tone of the original post so you match it? Nice.

    You-all friends of the designers or something?

    This guy has a right to his opinion. You have a right to be offended by it. I have a right to be slightly annoyed by your offense & your need to express it.

    By the way, I agree with the original post. gnome-icon-theme 2.30 is butt-ugly.

    gnome-icon-theme has been an old stand-by, a rare example of truly sane defaults in the Linux world (what’s up with default LXDE wallpaper?).

    At the very least, rename the theme or keep the old one around as gnome-icon-theme-classic or something.

  11. For information, on Gentoo, emerging x11-themes/tango-icon-theme and x11-themes/tango-icon-theme-extras, and selecting them in System => Preferences => Appearance (Customize button after having selected your theme), gives you back more or less similar icons than before (I’m notably talking about Gedit File Browser pane and Firefox navigation icons, which were black and white, thus easily confused with disabled icons, in addition to various other problems -e.g., the thin arrow trails unbalanced the directional arrows).

    However, the Tango theme has some bad icons too, like the Appearance one, which is two suits, or the Gnome menu icon which is two human footprints (also I understand the Tango theme is precisely not Gnome-specific).

    Regression indeed :/

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