APT2 – this time in C

As I wrote a few hours ago on deity@l.d.o (see http://lists.debian.org/deity/2010/08/msg00057.html), APT2 is back again. The first time, I tried Vala; but this time I wrote it in C (with the help of GLib, but no GObject) and the cache uses GVariant instead of an SQLite database. It’s really basic at the moment (no solver, package installation/removal), but it will improve. Read operation should be faster than with APT, although writes are slower (this will be fixed by reusing unchanged parts of the cache).

See the announcement for further information.


10 thoughts on “APT2 – this time in C

    1. Vala:
      – Too slow by default
      – Requires gobject
      – char[] vs. char* is horrible
      – has no gtk-doc
      – you can’t create incomplete types

      Especially the last one would have made things more complicated than they have to be. Most types I define exist just for type-checking and are GVariant in reality.

      1. – Vala is really fast (development wise and at runtime)
        – There is no requirement for GObject. Just don’t derrive your classes from it
        – if char[] is not what you need then just use char* . This is perfectly possible in vala
        – It has vala-doc instead of gtk-doc, of course!
        – Just use GVariant in vala

  1. why bother? seriously.

    fair enough if you are learning programming or something but more package management systems are the last thing linux needs. apt and rpm are already good enough.

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