APT2 is now UPS

APT2 is now called UPS (Universal Package System). The name is inspired by the company that delivers packages in those brown trucks and from the Image Packaging System (IPS) of OpenSolaris; and mvo writing ups after I proposed upt (über package tool) in IRC. It’s definitely better than my first thought which was ‘moo’ (and libmoo).

Update: OK, let’s cancel this rename insanity.


12 thoughts on “APT2 is now UPS

  1. That’s a terrible name, not only because it’s hardly unique (there are already 142,000,000 hits for it on Google), but because you’re almost guaranteed to get a C&D from the United Parcel Service. The fact that you freely admit that the name was stolen from them certainly isn’t going to help you in court!

    1. It’s unique enough for the ITP to get into the top 10 (as I wrote in my other comment). And it’s not a name, it’s an abbreviation. Just because this can also mean United Parcel Service is not really a reason for them to complain.

  2. crap name choice! for all sorts of reasons…
    if this really is apt v2 call is just that, apt is a fine name, if it doesn’t have what it takes to be adopted as the new version of apt then call it something else entirely (ie. last i looked common usage words couldn’t be trademarked in most places so an obscure plant name followed by “packet manager” should do just fine)

  3. I named apt – in an email exchange with Bruce Perens years ago which is archived somewhere. Funnily enough, my suggestion for a graphical icon for apt was precisely a brown paper parcel 🙂

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