Vettel world champion

Vettel made it – F1 World Champion 2010.


6 thoughts on “Vettel world champion

  1. Most boring race. Ever. I can’t imagine Senna, Prost, Schumacher, Mansell or any other *driver* circling around the track without even trying to win the championship. What Alonso, Webber and Hamilton did yesterday was a disgrace for this sport. Congrats to Vettel even though I believe that he won just cause he had the best car (just look at Webber, fighting for the title, almost complete anonymous until this season).

    If any of those drivers I mentioned had this car, they would won championship much much sooner.

    Alonso, Webber and Hamilton should start watching hockey games – when there’s nothing to lose, pull out your goalie, go for everything or nothing.

  2. I can’t agree with Ante; the Renault pit stops threw everything in the air. Most people (apparently including Alonso) assumed that he would stroll around to pick up the championship, barring some major catastrophe, but it didn’t happen like that.

    Yes, the RedBull car has been awesome this season. It is almost always the car first, and the driver second – Montoya did well in the McLaren, Irvine did well in the Ferrari, despite not being great drivers. On the flip side, Alonso got more out of the Ferrari recently than he deserved to get, because of his natural talent.

    Of the 4 contenders going in to the last race, it would have been nice if Hamilton had got his second championship, but that would have required misfortune for the others, which would be both unpleasant and unlikely. Of the rest, the RB drivers are both nice guys, and it would have been nice for Webber to win it – he has been a little bit more consistent than Seb, and given his age (!) is less likely to be a contender next year. But Vettel won it on points, and deserved his victory 100%. He was a fast driver in a great car, and that got them the double championship.

    RedBull’s refusal to resort to team orders, even in the final race only adds to that victory.

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