Looking for HP Touchpad, Intel tablets, and other devices

If someone in Germany (or want to send it to Germany [at low costs]) still has (new) Touchpads to sell, I’d buy one or two of them at the reduced price (16GB: 99€, 32GB: 129€), or take them for free.

I promise that I will not sell them to others. I’m interested in WebOS, in running Debian and/or Ubuntu on those devices (for the extra fun factor), and lend it to family members for surfing, etc.

I also take other tablets and smart phones and various kinds of ARM and PowerPC hardware (I guess that’s all that’s interesting for me) for free, just send me an email if you have some and want to give them to me. This applies to Intel stuff as well, I’d really like to get some kind of WeTab/ExoPC, but can’t buy one currently (and they’re probably to outdated hardware-wise for buying to make sense).


3 thoughts on “Looking for HP Touchpad, Intel tablets, and other devices

  1. Hello Julian!!
    I´m sorry for the offtopic, I apologize for it, but I´m in hurry!!! I’m going to buy a new laptop, a Lenovo Thinkpad Edge 15inch with Intel core i3 370M 2.40 Ghz and 4 Gb RAM. But I’m afraid of the graphic card, is a “mysterious” Intel HD Graphics Dynamic Video Memory Technology 5.0. Do you think that Unity 3D and Compiz could work well? And what about of the performace playing videos at 720p?

    Thank you and I apologize for my english, best regards from Spain!!

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